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Dornie Burnett Podcast Special - Stuff You Should Listen To

The following was written by one of our honours students, Dornie Burnett. For some reason, I can't change the author on the post to her, even though she has signed up. If you're reading this, it's because we have scheduled the post to go out for the weekend, and haven't been able to resolve it in time. Apologies for the technological issues - we're working on it. Who would be a blog editor, eh?

I have just about reached the point where my eyes hurt from watching too much Tiger King and Disney plus. I suspect you may also be getting to this point. If so, here are several podcast suggestions which range from informative to funny or inspiring.

Stuff You Should Know

New podcasts are released every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. No matter what you are interested in they’ll be something you can listen to with podcasts on science, history, urban legends, and pop culture, with the occasional conspiracy theory thrown in for good measure. These do tend to be filled with information, yet it is normally a lot more enjoyable to listen to than a Monday morning lecture.

Personal Favourites:

1 - The Disappearance of Flight MH370 Part I & II (Jan 7 & 9, 2020)

Part I - (

Part II - (

2 - Short Stuff: Dagen H (March 25, 2020) (

3 - Short Stuff: 666 (April 1, 2020) (

4 - The Legends of Lost Nazi Gold (April 7, 2020) (

Sh**ged Married Annoyed


A podcast with Chris Ramsey and his wife Rosie. It is exactly what the title suggests – a weekly catch up with the couple and all their annoyances from the previous week. They answer questions from the public and secret celebrity guests. Perhaps in this time of unease, they will provide the comedy and normality which is needed to show that everyone is going through the same life, relationship, parenting, growing up struggles as you are – and sometimes not much better than you!

F1: Beyond the Grid


Even if you do not follow F1 yourself, there are various inspirational stories which show the struggles which some of the drivers have experienced on their quest to try and be world champion. Notable interviews include perhaps more comical ones from Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris. Others from Alex Albon, Jenson Button and Valtteri Bottas provide some motivation to never give up and fight with grit. And the likes of Alain Prost and Murray Walker offer a more classical view of the sport.

Without Fail


Even the greatest fail, and it is often from these failures we learn our biggest lessons. This podcast presents candid conversations with numerous inspirational figures. A story of determination comes from Rachael Denhollander, the woman who led the sexual harassment case against Larry Nassar, the Olympics Team Doctor involved in the USA gymnastics scandal.

How to Fail with Elizabeth Day


This podcast follows a similar theme, with interviews from Fearne Cotton, George Alagiah, Dame Kelly Holmes, Jamie Lang, Tom Kerridge…..

Finally, if you need a little extra help falling asleep then the following may be of help:

1 - Sleepy – Otis Gray (

2 - Guided Sleep Meditations – Tracks to Relax (

3 - Get Sleepy – Get Sleepy (

4 - Sleep With Me – Dearest Scooter & Night Vale Presents (

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